Reveling in the Pleasures of Food & Drink -3 Killer Ideas for Craft Food & Beverage Getaways in Waynesboro, VA

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

If you’re all about the merriment when you travel, Waynesboro, VA is jam-packed with golden opportunities to revel in the pleasures of food and drink. Try one of these weekend craft food and beverage getaways on for size. You won’t believe you haven’t been here sooner!

Find Your Flavor in Waynesboro

Seven Arrows Brewing Company

What’s your beverage of choice? Pale, stout, red, white, espresso, rye? Even better if you aren’t sure, ‘cause there’s a lot of flavor to sample here in the Shenandoah Valley! And the grains, hops, and fruits are farm-fresh, making every glass something to savor.

A great way to leap in is to book a Waynesboro craft beer tour with Shenandoah Tours. You’ll hit our three breweries plus enjoy lunch and a brewery tour at Stable Craft Brewing. There are 11 other stops along the Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail and a ton to explore, so it’s worth making this a long weekend adventure.

If grapes are more your thing, the Shenandoah Valley Wine Trail is for you. Start at Barren Ridge Vineyards. You can sip the tasting list by the fire or outside on the patio while you map out which of the other 23 wineries on the trail to visit.

No trip to the Blue Ridge would be complete without a visit to the jungle. Head up the mountain to Silverback Distillery and you’ll be rewarded with distinct and flavorful grain to glass spirits. Swing east and stop by Greenwood Gourmet Grocery to stock up on Blue Ridge Bucha and other craft food and beverages.

Fuel Your Body & Your Soul

Winter Harvest Salad at Farmhaus on Main

Food and friends. How many of your happiest moments have come from simply hanging out with with your buds around a table? Overdue for an infusion of laughter and merriment? Spend a leisurely weekend on the outdoor patios, hammocks, and even igloos(!) of Waynesboro. You really could spend your whole weekend eating. Nothin’ wrong with that! In fact, we highly recommend it. Farm-to-table dining means “clean, healthy, and delicious” are a given. The only question is where to start? That’s why you need a whole weekend!

If you’ve already introduced yourself to Waynesboro’s three local brewers, then you probably couldn’t resist their incredible menus. This isn’t your standard pub fare! Think spicy drunken shrimp, angus grilled meatloaf, and steak & beer cheese hoagies. For coffee lovers, Farmhaus on Main is a must. Not only can you indulge in handcrafted espresso drinks and pour overs, this unique cafe also serves up Haus-made pop tarts and savory salads and sandwiches, plus breakfast all day! For authentic seafood gumbo and creative vegetarian options, as well as a large selection of local craft beverages, The Green Leaf Grill is a delicious downtown stop.

Bring It All Home

Blue Oregano

Make your getaway long-lasting by bringing a taste of the Shenandoah Valley home with you! You can pick up a growler (or two) of your favorite new beverage, or better yet, Craft Your Own Beer Party and you and your friends can design your own signature brew.

For the aspiring chefs (or simply those who love food), schedule a Cheesemaking 101 workshop at A Better Way Farm & Goat Dairy. And for the ultimate culinary experience, treat yourself to a cooking class with Blue Oregano. Invite a few friends, and you’ve got the perfect evening of laughter, wine, gourmet food, and the know-how to recreate your feast when you all get home!

Are you ready to add more merry to your world? Find your cheer in Waynesboro, VA!